Sunday, October 25, 2009

How can "small ear canals" make me not hear well? **serious answers only!!**?

please explain?
where did you get this info?what can a doctor do to fix this?(i have a appointment for a audiologist. but I'm VERY nervous, and i need some idea what will happen at the apointment....HELP!)
Well, small ear canals might be more prone to being impacted with wax, and the sound waves might not be transmitted to the inner ear as well.If the narrowing is caused by something like infection, swelling, impacted wax, or a structural deformity, a doctor should be able to fix it by relieving the underlying cause, through surgery or medicine.I imagine the doctor appointment will be similar to going to a regular doctor. The doctor will probably ask you about your symptoms, review your medical history, and examine your ears. You don't really need to be nervous.
try stretching them out

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