Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can I get my eye to stop watering?

My left eye has been watering for about 1 week now continuously! I cant stop it! When the left one waters.the right one tries and sometimes does a little but not very much at all. The left one waters really bad in the sun or outside. Inside, it waters constent but not as bad! But it still drain down my face. WHAT CAN I DO? My eye isnt swollen, and its not allergies, and I cant figure it out! HELP!
Go to the doctor. You are isn't normal. You don't say how old you are...but I've hears that menopause can cause a watery eye. But, my guess is that its allergies. Try some allergy Visine. That works good. :)
Bounty!The Quicker Picker Upper!On a more serious note:
See doctor and demand to see an eye specialist. Often a general practice doctor is not equipped knowledge wise the way a specialist is.
get a hair dryer and put it on cold and blow it in ure eye
Wear sunglasses whenever you go outside because the sun always makes my eyes water really bad or whenever i walk outside if i have just been in a not very bright lit room.

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