Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hospice Nurse?

I like to know if you have cancer and you are not getting well, and a hospice nurse comes to see you, does that mean it is the end?My girlfriend's daughter has cancer of the liver and lungs, and she just told me that a hospice nurse was coming to see her daughter today.Thank you.
That means she either has a consult with hospice or has already enrolled in the hospice program.
If she has already enrolled, it means she is expected to live less than 6 months and the plan is to keep her comfortable by treating her symptoms, but no longer treating the disease.
Her physician has to tell her they are not able to treat her disease and she has less than 6 months to live without treatment.
I am sorry for your friend and you of course.
Christ be with you.
hospice is usually called in when the doctors estimate the patient has less than six months to live.
It may be to just ensure she is as comfortable as possible ~ medically speaking ~
In order to have hospice care your condition has to be terminal, with less than 6 months life expectancy, and you have had to give up treatments aimed at a cure. So the daughter is nolonger getting chemo/radiation etc. All treatment is pallitive and extensive effort is made to remove pain.Unlike Ms panda I am a medical profesional- yes some people recover sufficiently to move out of hospice programs- however in reality that is LESS than 1 %. One of my students is now doing a practicum at a hospice center. One where they have onsite care. What really made an impact with her was the number of pediatric rooms this small center had. This young lady has found her calling. Her first day there two patients passed.
a hospice nurse is in the specialty to deal ,along with dr. social worker and chaplain with the people who have a terminal illness and generally have less than six months to live. if you really want to ask your girlfriends daughter. all of this has been explained to the family. it is an organization that deals with the end stages of life (less than six months to life and the family has to decide on pallative care rather than curative care) it's a difficult decision but it is the circle of life we must all face and with liver and lung cancer,i'm sure there is a great deal of pain and soon probably ,if she doesn't already she'll not recogniae the ones around her. it is quality of life that that should be important not the quanitity. hospice can handle the pain,make her more comfortable and make that last stage tolerable,also help with the family regarding acceptance and closure. hope thhis helps
Well, despite what is assumed here bringing in a hospice nurse does not guarantee that the patient will cooperate and die!! In theory hospice is intended to take care of patients who no longer wish to pursue curative treatment. Probably somewhere in the legalese papers there is mention that the patient is expected to live only about six months before expiring. However, I have known people who have gone on and off hospice treatment more than once . . because they keep getting better! I know a thirteen year old who was on hospice three times and just kept saying she wasn't ready to go yet. No one knows exactly when someone is going to die . . even hospice. So, basically, what hospice means for your girlfriends daughter is that she will receive palliative care and comfort only. Hospice is interested in immediate quality of life. And, unlike her oncologist who was looking for treatment that would lead to remission and hopefully a cure, hospice does not seek a cure. They will not prolong life, they will just make life comfortable for the patient. At some point the family may re-examine the hospice decision and can return to active treatment if they desire. Nothing is ever chiseled in stone . . should your friends daughter begin to recover . . she may even surprise her doctors. Alternatively, if she needs the services of hospice . . they are there.Hospice International Hospice Factsheet
Hospice comes in when you are terminal, so yes that means she is going to die.My heart goes out to you all.

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