Sunday, October 25, 2009

Horsefly bites...?

do i waste the doctors time or have you any recommendations on what to take. I have been taking allergy relief tablets, but the swelling doesnt appear to be going? Anyone help?
Apply ice. I know that's what you usually do to injuries, but it will cool the itching and help with blood flow that will help detoxify the area of the bite. Cortisone creams or Calamine lotion may help also. If nothing is working, I would advise going to the doctor. They can prescibe something stronger and get you some relief.
Horseflies have something in their saliva that thins your blood, I found that I am allergic to that something. After a few days, my glands started swelling up as well and I had to break down and see a Doctor. He prescribed a weeks worth of antibiotics and then the swelling and infection went away. So, I would recommend going to the Doctors.
If swelling remains after 24 hours then it may be infected. A visit to your GP for antibiotics is the best solution.

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