Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can i get hid of a runny nose quick (cold)?

i need some home remedy
this isnt a home remedy but its real cheap in stores. im 12 and sp wen im sick (which is a lot) my mom rubs vicks vapor rub, under my nose. in like like an hour or 2 and then it just clears up! sometimes it gets cleared up in a couple minutes, it depends on how severe it is...but good luck! :)
try flour in ur nose
make booger pancakes they are delicious
Twist some tissue or toilet paper and put them in your nose. You'll look funny, but your nose wont be running.
blow it .. or vicks vapor rub in warm water sniff it all in umm
sudafed works good over the counter. Although now you have to buy it from the pharmacist but you don't need a prescription.
Sniff it all up and spit out loogies instead. No more runny nose.

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