Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can i avoid the shaving rash??

Firstly you are much better wet shaving than electric. Use the best razor, Gillette Fusion, together with the fusion shaving foam. It really is an excellent combination. After shaving wash, dry and use a moisuriser rather than an after shave lotion. Body shop do an excellent face protector for men.
Don't shave
use hair conditioner instead of shaving foam
shaving cream...or a mild soup.
I can only shave after a hot shower or i get razor burn .
when i was younger i only shaved with soap and never had a problem.
Always shave with a wet or shaving cream lathered face/leg/etc.
make sure you are using enough shaving cream or soap, use a clean razor kept in a dry place.
try using an aqueos cream after shaving makes your face feel soft and clears up any rash
When you shave your neck shave upwards with the razor
never down ,
Where do you get a rash? Downstairs? Bit of fluff on the top lip? Underarm? Legs?Asked the wife, she said if you rub the hair first so they stand upright and then use shower gel or hair conditioner (hair conditioner suppose to be better) then that should do the trick.As for us blokes, we have to miss a day or two and experiment with wet or dry shavers to see which is better. I have to use foam and wet shave with the little soap strips.Now she can get back to watching Big Brother.
Make sure that the area to be shaved has been wet, which soften the hair follicles making it easier for the hair to be removed from the follicle without the follicle being irritated. If you are shaving anything the armpit or anything below (arms, legs, groin), then sit in water for a little while or shave right after a shower. Shave in the direction that the hair is growing in. For example, the hair on your legs grow downwards (towards your feet). Place the razor at your knee and move down toward the feet. After you shave a warm, moist towel should be applied to soothe the hair follicles and prevents hair from curling back into the follicle, which causes the bump. Make sure to use a sharp clean razor because dull razor cut your skin and razors that are not clean can cause infection. Make sure to use a lot of shaving gel. Wash your body with antibacterial soap like safeguard or dial. I hope that I have helped.

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