Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can i check for testicular cancer?

i have varicocele on my leaft testicle which is a bunch of vains and its a problem for me because when i try to feel my leaft testicle for a lump i cant the veins are blocking me and if i push too much in it hurts sometimes even for a day. any suggestions please? i have to be able to check for cancer but i cant.
The gold standard for checking for testicular cancer is a Sonogram. I am a Sonographer, and if you are concerned about it, an ultrasound once a year should do the trick. A varicoceal can make it difficult to perform self examinations. Your Doctor can order the ultrasound testing for you. It does not hurt, and takes only 15 minutes. Once again, an ultrasound is the GOLD standard, and does not involve injections, or X-rays etc.Peace,
if your balls are as big as watermelons
Dude, go to the doctor. Dont ask on here. You could misdiagnose it as something else, and be wrong, hence the misdiagnosis. Go to the DR. you only have 2 boys. you wanna keep em, or else you will be off balance when you ride a bicycle.
Have a check up with a doctor and explain the problem. Ask them what is the proper way to check yourself to see if you are OK. Tell them to explain in detail what to feel for, what is normal and what isn't.
You shouldn't have to press that hard to check. ICheck frequently enough that you are familiar with what your testicles feel like and look for a change. If you feel a tumor, it will be a lump that doesn't go away and gets bigger. Just try to remember where your varicosities are, what they feel like.
You may notice that they get bigger or smaller at times. A tumor won't. It would consistently get larger, and I think they tend to be well defined, sort of solid, not mushy and hard to feel. Ask your doctor. A lot of them have model testicles (or other tissues) to demonstrate what a tumor in tissue feels like.

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