Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) cause weight loss?

After my miscarriage (3 mos. pregnant) I started to lose weight for what seemed like no reason. Then I got pregnant again and gained weight like normal, carried the baby to term and now my baby is 14 mos. and my weight is lower than ever! (93 lbs)- I cant' seem to gain. I went to a doctor who specialized in thryoid since my mom has this but she gains weight. He said in a small percentage of people who have underactive thyroid there is weightloss. I'm just wondering how can this be true and if anyone has ever heard of this...
usually you would gain weight like your mom.maybe you haven't the energy for cooking or eating- look at your total intake over the day and see if it matches up. Also- are you on replacement like eg, levothyroxine? sometimes, you will end up a little hyperthyroid, if your dose is too high, or your own thyroid starts to function properly.
After having my thyroid removed and then becoming hypothyroid until I was on the proper medication, there was a period where I lost weight. I thought it was because my appetite level decreased a lot. The weight loss was temporary and when my appetite returned so did the weight.

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