Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can dark marks be faded fast?

The skin on my upper lip has darkened. So, it looks like I have facial hair when I don't. I don't know if this was caused by my pregnancy, or too much waxing. Can I get rid of this fast, or do I have to be patient?
Dark pigmentation can be hereditary, due to lifestyle habits such as diet and smoking, skin irritation (or waxing as you've indicated), pregnancy, or environmental factors.As with all skin discoloration, fading is gradual and requires patience.Some treatment options are:
- Applying pure, unrefined shea or cocoa butter to the affected areas
- Using pure aloe vera juice directly from the plant leaf
- OTC hydroquinone skin lighteners on SOLELY dark spots, which I do not recommend, due to the fact that they may cause cancer after prolonged use, further darkening of the skin and irritation
- Vitamin C tablets (taken internally and applied topically to the skin in pure, powder form)
- Vitamin A, Retin-A (extra-strength perscription)
- Tomato juice, lemon juice, or onion juice applied ONLY to dark spotsAlso try researching some Ayurvedic remedies on Google or Yahoo.Best of luck
talk to your dermatologist or gyn.
Im having the same problem. It gets worse when Ive been in the sun along with some other brownish spots. I have been using a little hydrogen peroxide on the brown/ dark areas lately and it seems to help a little. Ive seen lemon juice suggested though so that might help. good-luck.

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