Sunday, October 25, 2009

How can African American Women get rid of acne scars, and prevent acne?

I am an AA women and I have acne, not too severe. I've tried every treatment out...someone please help me! On my back and arms are the appearence of chicken pox scars :( ps.(PLEASE ANSWER SOON)...
I use Pro Activ
visit a dermatologistthey know more about this than even me
well if you wach tv (in spanish) you'll se a thing called "crema de caracol" use that and your scin willbe magnifisan!!!!!
to prevent it, you eat healthy food, drink lots of fresh water. and wash your face daily with a face cleanser like St.Ives Apricot Scrub, Neutrigena, Olay, etc. and make sure you keep it moisturized(use a skin toner face lotion for your moisturizer).
Hi,Your best bet would be to check out is one of the very few products out there which really treats the acne problem at its roots from inside and out, no matter which kind of acne you have. Without damaging your skin, all natural and endorsed by doctors and herbalists.I've literally wasted hundreds on other "miracles" but this one is highly efficient and that's what only counts for me. It should also help you get rid of your acne in a breeze.Hope that helps.All the best,

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