Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can I clear my throat?

Im sick, I think its mono because my throat hurts (only the left side), my ear aches (again, the left side), my neck is achy and I been really tired lately. Its been like this for a couple days now.How can I clear my throat? My voice sounds bad right now, obviously shows Im sick. Its quiet and I cant even speak right. Any suggestions? What should I eat or drink? I been drinking orange juice and water lately, but the orange juice hasnt been helping. I been trying to eat, but its so hard because of my throat.
the orange juice could be making things worse rather that better if your using a brand that uses lots of sugar. The sugar will stick to your throat.Try to avoid milk too.If it's been hurting that long, you should probably see a Doctor.They'll give medicine that you gurgle to numb your throat.hope you feel better!
Besides seeing you Doctor. Some home remedies you could try: Eat soft foods, cold desserts ie popsicle, ice cream. OJ might make it worse cause it's acidic.

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