Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can i get more medical knowledge on net?

all about diseases,causes,and their treatment.either with the help of cd's or softwere,or on websites
Personally, I use
look on google
well u can look on but make sure the website u find is reliable
I agree has alot of info
Google lists of diseases, and then just google causes and treatments of that particular disease. I had to do loads of papers on many, many different diseases, and that's by far the simplest (and cheapest) way of doing it! is a pretty good website for info on a bunch of health related things.
yeah has everything you can type your symptoms if your hot and stuff and itll narrow it down to what you most likely have. It saves a trip to the doctor:)
WebMd is a good source for info on medical knowledge but if you really want to learn more about the medical profession you might want to check into an online course on medical terminology or medical vocabulary. It's not real expensive, but I suggest you go through a community college in your area because they are more reputable.
A doctor recommended one is
they are leaders in the field of medicine and research.
Contact :-
Rajan Sharma
apart from webmd medscape we have pubmed site which offers you details of the gains and losses of atreatment or the latest in the treatment-which might NOT always be best for you.but advice of your doctor who too is expert in his her field or having an attitude to take help of different specialists or studying a case not responding well or otherwise too ,,always start from basic treatment believe in your response to treatment never ever get mislead by non medical friends ask your doc frank quaestions be openly doubting.its go by dictum common things are common and most of the patients have no or common diseases if your case has uncommon turn that is expected by a doctor not told to you to avoid anxiety..why make 999 suffer for a disease one will get in 1000..get info but final answer is with you and your expert doc..

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