Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can i get an even skin tone?

How can i get an even skin tone?well i've tried to stay indoors and try to avoid the sun as much as possible but that doesnt seem to help and when i was outside i wore sunscreen(spf45). i've heard that body scrubs and facial scrubs do help but does anyone know which one is better??thanks
1)Avoid alcohol based toners and alcohol itself in any product : raw , alcohol abraded skin has a higher tendency of producing melanin to protect itself.2)Use a very strong moisturizer after scrubbing : Uneven tones get more patchy when dry.Moist skin retains a pigment balance better.3)When outdoors repeat sunblock application : the best way to do that is to buy a compact pressed powder sunblock.A swoooosh and voila : youre done.4)Body scrub Vs. Facial scrub : well... one goes on the face and one goes on the body.I use plain and simple rock salt mixed in oil for the body .For the face whatever scrub you get make sure *it is finely beaded*...coarse grains will irritate skin and are likely produce blotches for uneven tones.

5)Treatment : google for : Hydroquinone , arbutin , kojic acid and azelaic acid.If you feel you have a bigger problem.
By the way . I get signed up for shoots because my skin is an even olive color and the photograhpers are thrilled by the no makeup look...on the other side my lover get a super trun on because my lower back gradually darkens as the skin hits my bum.
Your'e Gorgeous whatever color and how uneven it is.I'd much rather have fun in the sun then worry indoor.
People? can never please em.Have fun!!.
Tanning bed will give you uniform even color
both work great as long they are of good brand
when u go outsie cover thyself completely n use sun block on exposed areas

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