Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can i get clear skin?

my guardian wont let me order things off the internet so it would have to be home remedies or things you can buy at walmart and stores like that
Wash your face twice a day (morning and before bed) with a gentle, oil-free cleanser such as Dove white bar soap (this is what my dermatologist recommended). You can also get a topical astrigent or toner (make sure the label says non-acnegenic). Use a non-acnegenic moisturizer as well. It is important to moisturize, because dry skin will introduce more bacteria and lead to more pimples. I also use an on the spot acne treatment such as neutrogena (this contains salycic acid). Be careful not to use a bunch of products with salycic acid - this will do more damage than good. Be patient and consistent. It will take some time for your skin to heal.
Don't use soap use gels instead, soap clogs your pores and causes spots, try and avoid fatty foods and sweets and drink plenty of water.
Try going to walmart and buying some on the spot by nutrogena.
proactive works a lil costy but its worth it
read tips on treating acne, skincare and home remedies on this site

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