Sunday, October 25, 2009

How bad is liver nodules for someone with hep c?

my husband just found out after having a mri he has nodules on his liver , he already had the hep c ,maybe from one of his tats he got or when he was using. he has been clean and sober for fifteen years now.but i guess his past is coming to haunt him
well, my dear this is not a good thing . his doctor should go over this with him as to whether they can be removed or not or if they are benign or not
It depends, liver nodules with a background of hepatitis c could mean that the nodules may due to cirrhosis or worst case scenario, cancer. What else did the MRI say about the nodules? What did his doctor day about the findings? He probably would need a liver biopsy to confirm the pathology of the nodules.

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