Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hot or Cold shower for suburns?

I have a really bad sunburn on my chest and I don't know if i am supposed to take a hot shower, or cold. Some people say hot showers will open your pores letting the heat out, and then when you get out of the shower you can lather on the lotion. And some people say cold showers will cool your skin down. When I say hot showers I do not mean really hot heat, I just mean warm-ish. Any help?
do whatever is comfortable for you. i know that warm showers hurt so damn bad that i can't stand it. just take whatever kind of shower you can and put some aleo vera or some other kind of lotion with aleo vera in it. thats what i do. good luck.
I just got a sunburn over the weekend. It was so painful to get in a hot shower, I would not recomend that at all. Cool shower and aloe. You'll be back to normal in no time. I know it sounds icky, but if your sunburn is really bad a buttermilk bath may be just what you need:). Good Luck.
I would say a luke warm shower would help.Apply aloe or lotion with aloe in and that will cool down the sunburn a bit and leave off your Shirt as much as possible.
Cold works for me. I just had one of my shoulders and upper chest for 2 weeks and hot water hurt super super bad. I sometimes used an ice pack on the shoulders to cool it down too. If it still bothers get something from the store with "ALOE" works great and it cools quickly. :o)
yeah hot showers!! and tut tut tut for getting burned !! make sure it sorta burns u a little yeah weird but it works !!
Only take luke warm and you can also spray vinegar on yourself to take the sting out of your burned areas. Then wash with soap. Use "Banana Boat's" blue lidocaine gel with aloe vera to soothe your sun burn at night. Take "Aleve" to keep down the inflammed skin. Good-Luck sun burns suck!
Hot water may make it worst, use cold water it will help bring out the heat in the body and cool down the skin.
camomile is good for sunburn, try making up an infusion with some camomile tea bags and when its cooled stand in the shower and poor it over the sunburned patches - this is even better if you can get in a bath, you can actually have the tea bags floating in the water, just don't break them open or it'll be another story..its very soothing.
um i would say cool because it constricts your blood vesells and healing is easier for ur flesh -.- ..or somethnig around that .. most people apply cool packs to burnt victims -.-...this is rather common sense - obviously if your FLESH is burnt your pores are scarred and altered momentarily its already or should have area packed full of heat .. but i guess it depends on ur body -.- ..but i would say if ur average use a cold water or luke warm like or not too warm or not too cold - i.e. cool!
i think u should take a cold shower because it will be cool and after that you could just put some cream after u finish showering.
tepid showers seem the best idea - but I'd go with whatever is comfortable. Shower temp will not heal the burn - only time %26 a good shedding of the skin will remove the sting!Use Noxema to cool the skin surface %26 it's a great moisturizer too!

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