Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can I finally get rid of head lice that will not go away?

I have tried everything to get rid of it but nothing works.
first make sure the lice is not coming back because you failed to clean something properly - Sheets , pillow cases, clothes, mattress, couch...etc. Oh, if you have a pet, check them too.If all that has been done and the shampoo and comb you use is not getting them, shaving may be the last resort. Your Dr. may be able to prescribe a more potent shampoo as well.Good luck!
cut your hair?
There is spoecial stuff you can buy at the drug stores or use some mayonnaise.
If no one has seen a bug . Then you may have Morgellons Go to and compare symptoms. I had the horrid start of this 3 years ago and left a paid for home thinking it was a mutant lice colony that wouldn't die. Permithrium and bleach , Vaseline all exacerbate morgellons email me for what I do to live around this if it applies . No medical anyone helps us yet .But we morgies stick together although some are sicker and less help Than others . you can get past whatever this is but if lice should be gone by now then its not only lice . Keep hope up , some of us got past the terror you can too , Moe

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