Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can i get bettter from being sick quicker?

It depends what it is, but don't be impatinet, pamper yourself while sick like you would do to someone you loved. Have hot soothing baths, cream your feet and skin. Use essential oils like lavender. Get plenty of sleep. Drink morethan usual to keep hydrated and flush germs out. Take Vit C. Take the time to read or watch tv or just think. Look after yourself, When you think you feel better wash your hair, and brush your teeth extra well with a new brush. Throw the old one away.
Try using Airbornne or Emergen-C. When I get sick, I drink three glasses of Emergen-C until I get better. It doubled my healing rate.
Apple juice.
It would be most helpful to know what you're sick from. But with almost any illness get plenty of fluids, rest and relax.

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