Sunday, October 25, 2009

How can a Romanian citizen find help with medical bills that deal with skin cancer therapy.?

This person has no money for laser treatments.
If you are in Romania, than contact the Romanian Cancer League. They may be able to help:
maybe health departments.
here are some links...are they at least IN the U.S.? I don't know the details...Financial Assistance Links for CancerAmercian Cancer Society BTS Cares
http://www.tbts.orgCancer Care, Inc. Cancer financial aid links Fund of America Cancer Medicine Assistance links Candlelighter's Childhood Cancer Foundation
http://www.candlelighters.orgChildren's Emergency Relief Foundation %26 Children's Wish Foundation Intl. Genentech Access to Care Foundation Hill-Burton Free Health Care
http://www.hrsa.govMedicine Program National Association for the Terminally Ill National Bone Marrow Donor Program (financial assistance for bone marrow transplant leukemia,etc)National Children's Cancer Society Patient Advocate Foundation
It would be very, very rare in the US for anyone with any common type of skin cancer (basal, squamous, or melanoma) to be treated with a laser as part of their skin cancer treatment. You need to find out more details such as the exact type of skin cancer and what stage and location. Also add whether the person is in Romania or the US.

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