Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can I decrease my pulse rate. It is always above 100, while my blood pressure is normal. More rest ?

quit smoking if you smoke, more exercise. A fast heart rate is usually due to being out of shape. Ask your doctor about it before you do start exercising in case there is a reason for the high heart rate
I think you need to go and see a cardiologist about that. If it is not a medical issue you can try cardiovascular activities like tennis or jogging because it is commonly known athletes have lower pulse rates.
If your pulse rate constantly exceeds 100, then it shows that you need some workout. It is indeed an unhealthy level considering you should be having a pulse rate between 60 and 80 to be normal. At this stage, it is important for you to note that your blood pressure does not indicate if your body is in a good shape, although it may be triggered at a certain stage when the body feels it couldn't last the condition anymore. When this happens, it shows that your body is already in a pathetic shape and it's almost impossible to reverse things (I mean getting rid of the high B/P then). The best thing you could do to get over this is to indulge in more exercise. Do not go straight for games like soccer or tennis. Start by working out the muscles. Do exercises that will ensure the durability of your cardiac muscles such as bench press, sit-ups and star jumps. Remember that you need to be fit before starting a sports. Once you're fit enough you could feel the changes and then you may start going for sports. If you're smoking or consuming alcohol often, then I guess it is clear what you should do. Alcohol may be good but of course in scarce amount. So, try it out and you will see results almost immediately.
yeah its exercise, even if ure not out of shape u still need to exercise.
Start an easy, gradual cardio exercise program. Little by little doing more and getting a litle bit faster every week or two. As your heart gets stronger, it will beat less often, and pump more blood with each beat.
I agree, start exercising. this will improve your heart muscle and help slow your heart rate. Also avoid nicotine, caffiene, diet pills, anything with stimulants. Also stress can play a big role in your heart rate

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