Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can digit clubbing and pethicheae arise as complications of infective endocarditis?

peticheal haemhorrages are from microemboli causing infarction. No one is sure about clubbing but its suggested to be an immune phenomenon not a result of secondary hypoxia.
Cutaneous manifestations are common with ABE or SBE.Those include petechiae involving the upper trunk,mucous membranes and distal extremities,painful erythematous subcutaneous nodules on the tips of digits,and non-tender hemorrhagic macules on the palms or soles. These are the results arising from blood cell destruction and damage,especially platelets, from acute or chronic infections,and organ damage to the liver and kidneys. Oral antbiotic prophylaxis is required before certain surgeries and invasive procedures. Take care SW RNP

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