Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can i get allergy testing done?

can i go thru gp or is there somewhere else i can go? has anyone had one done and if it was privately done how much and where i am in midlands
i had IBS for 3 and a half years and was at the end of my tether so i looked into intolerance testing (it was the best thing i ever done, it changed my life!) i found out i was intolerant to wheat and now i'm gettin used to my wheat free diet my symptoms r pretty much gone! i booked my test at a Holland and Barrett health shop, it was done by a specialist from a nearby university, which u will probably find most unis now do this! i would definately recommend this to anyone! it costs me 拢65 and it is well worth it! u can get help with most problems and symptoms! also it tests for vitamin deficiencies! i had a vitamin B dificiency and startin takin vitamin B almost immediately i felt the benefits! strongly recommend this to you! hope it helps!!
get your doctor to refer you to a dermatologist. that way it'll be free.
Usually health clinics have an allergian department, which specializes in medication and other practices. You can usually be referred by the front desk, or by a practicing physician.
asda supplies the testing kits for loads of different allergies the other option is ask your gp to refer you to a hospital for further testing
What you can do is go to your doctor and tell him/her that you want to get an allergy test done and they can hook you up with someone who can do it. I have done that plenty of times.
Your GP can refer u to an allergist if you arel ooking for an actual allergy test. they can do the skin prick test, or the mroe reliable RAST blood test.
If you are experiencing possible food allergies or intolerances, a GI doc might be the way to go. They can test for Celiac Disease, or rule out IBS or other gastro problems.
Best of luck, Amy
You GP can do the testing PROPERLY, many private companies will I am afraid rip you off!Whether allergy testing is at all appropriate, and the type of test, depends on your problem and symptoms.Local skin allergy is tested using prick or scratch tests.
Other allergies need blood tests called RASTs.Vague requests like ' I want allergy testing in case I am allergic to something' are useless. Your GP would sent you away and Internet companies would rob you!
I had mine done through a specialist because of my own medical conditions, but you can ask your GP to refer if there is a specific reason for you wanting the tests.
food allergies or like dust? go to an allergist (a docter who only does stuff like astama and allergies) and ask to get it done
A lot of local Health Shops do allergy testing now - i took my daughter - and they are very good. Costs around 拢50 but in my daughters case its been worth it. Go to your nearest store and ask.

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