Sunday, October 25, 2009

How big is a breast cancer lump?

Ive had a white mark just above my right boob for a pretty long time now but its pretty small. i am also only 13 it isnt breast cancer rite? just making sure
Breast cancer is usually inside the breast and will vary in size. Since this is on the outside and above your breast, I don't think you have any worry. Can you feel it? Does it have thickness? Has it changed? Is it growing? Have you shown it to your mom? The very best way is to let a doctor check it out and decide. Good luck Sweetheart. Pops
it most likely isn't breast cancer... but if you want to know what it is visit your doctor to be on the safe side
Lumps can start out the size of a pea, at your age I seriously doubt that you have cancer, most girls your age get cysts and they are harmless but sometimes can be painful. Be on the safe side and have it checked out.
Breast cancers vary in size. Breast cancer would be very, very uncommon in a 13 year old but it's probably worth telling your mom or a doctor about this.
Lumps start off very small and grow rapidly. Your mark is highly unlikely to be anything other than a fatty cyst, but you need to get it looked at for your own peace of mind.

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