Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can I boost my 17 month old immune system?

my son of 17 months is always getting sick from the common cold, to a blocked %26 runny nose to a chest infection how can I boost his immune system so he can fight this off without taking antibiotics?
I can totally related to how you are feeling with your son. I have a 26-month-old and he started going to day care when he was 18 months. They may as well call day care, bug fest.Anyway, we started giving him an immune booster called Immune Alert and have been thrilled with the results. It is made from an all-natural extract from baker's yeast (beta glucan) that has been proven to boost the immune system. They make kids and adult formulas.While all the other kids have gotten really sick at day care -- with some parents having to stay home with them or arrange alternative care for weeks at a time -- ours has motored right on. That's not to say he is never sick, he does get the occassional runny nose but it remains at that and passes quickly. Our pediatrician has been amazed at how healthy he has stayed at day care. And best of all, he loves to take this supplement -- he begs for his "vitamin" every morning -- which comes in a chewable cherry tablet for kids.Go to and get a free trial (you pay shipping), you'll be happy that you did!
Fresh fruit and vegetable. An infants vitamin may also help.

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