Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can I build the immune system?

Im 13 and recovering from shingles that i had a number of months ago. The shingles it's self was OK, just painful. But now im so fatigued all the time, no matter how much I sleep It's never enough, I can't be bothered to do anything. I keep getting other bugs such as colds and stuff that go round, so I never have time to get better. How can I build up my immune system to stop getting these bugs and just stop being so bloomin tired all the time.
It is better not to eat many sweets, and things like White flour, White sugar, White rice, White potatoes, White salt. you should still eat these things but not all the time. You need sugar so don't stop eating it all together just with things you don't NEED to eat like candy. Also fast food is not the best thing to eat either.
multivitamins, B complex, C complex, iron. iron deficiency can cause fatigue.
you have to see a dr. and they can tell you which ones you need or are low
Excersise, eat fruits and vegatables, drink lotsa fluid , and under a doctors care vitamins may help, and speaking of a doctor when was the last tim eyou had a physical, and ya dont want to get physical symptoms mixed with possiable depression, you may need to seek profesional help as well, take a look at what is really goin on around you and decided wher eyou need to go
A good multi-vitamin/mineral supplement will help your entire system (you could probably use all the nutrients in a good supplement, most people don't get enough essential nutrients from their food).
Vitamin C, Beta-carotene, and Vitamin K help the immune system, as well as echinacea, golden seal, and ginseng.
You should drink cranberry juice and eat yogurt this should help you.
fresh fruits,raw veggies and lots of both, eat several small meals a day instead of 3 large meals,drink lots of water and get out into the sunshine.hope you feel better soon
Look into taking vitamins specific into boost your immune system. Also, eat plenty of foods that are known to give your immune system a one up, like oranges.
Here is a good site that offers many vitamins that have been proven to do your body better than the store bought ones:
I have a weak immune system due to a history of health problems, and these do wonders. I usually felt very fatigued, but I'm gradually feeling more and more better.
Echinacea is great for when you start getting bugs. It really gives your immune system a big fat wake up kick and helps you get over things faster. If your not into having a vitamin regimen, at least keep echinacea on hold. It's a wonderful thing to have.
simple ,,,,cross your arms in front of you ,see the crease that leeds down to the elbow ,,,,with a finger follow this line putting on slight preasure ,when you get to the bottom of this creaseyou will feel slight pain ,,like pressing on a bruise,,,this is the preasure point you need ,ten mins ,every day will cause your body to build the immune systen ,i had to do this after a few months of illness and after a few days i could feel the benifit is dont need to no more but every couple of days i still do this as its a well known practice in old china ,and it do work ,i when i was first told by my acupuncturist,thought she was having me on ,,,but no she was serious,,,and thanks to her ive not had a serious illness since ,i really hope this helps you too ,all the best ,,kat
Tell your parents to call your MD and have them run a cbc on your blood.
It should check your IGG levels and perhaps you are still compromised.Our middle child suffered from low to no igg levels and we just watched her diet. Lots of healthy food, vitamins and extra b and c's.. and rest you may need 9 + hours a night. (10-12 if you say are 13).. and wash your hands ALL the time.
Carry hand gel - too
You need to eat well, get exercise and sleep and live a healthy livestyle.You should talk to your parents about taking an Immune Booster. My family takes Immune Alert, which we have found very effective. They have formulas for adults and children. If you need more information feel free to contact me or check out their website at hope you starting feeling better!

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