Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can I cure candida?

1Step OneEat yogurt. Buy the kind with the least amount of additives and make sure it has active cultures. Not only will it help your current infection, but studies show that eating yogurt regularly may help stave off infection in the first place. 2Step TwoTake acidophilus.Use as directed on the label and take on an empty stomach. It will help restore normal bacterial flora and control yeast growth. 3Step ThreeDecrease or eliminate sugar. Avoid sweets of all kinds, including fruits, refined carbohydrates and sugary foods. Yeast feeds on sugar, so you want to cut off its food supply. 4Step FourDecrease or eliminate alcohol, all fermented products, mushrooms, yeast and yeast-containing foods. This is to keep any more fungi from entering your system.

5Step FiveUse garlic as a suppository. Peel a garlic clove, wrap it in sterile gauze, lubricate it with vegetable oil and insert it into the vagina. Leave a piece of the gauze sticking out so you can locate it easily. Change the suppository every 12 hours. Garlic has powerful anti-fungal properties.

6Step SixMake your own douches. Use herbs such as calendula, goldenseal, marshmallow root or yarrow. Make a strong tea using one or more of these herbs. Douche twice daily for a week. 7Step SevenApply a tea-tree-oil cream to irritated and inflamed areas. It's effective against fungal infections, herpes blisters and other types of infection.
8Step EightUse garlic juice and acidophilus as a douche. Mix two capsules of garlic or fresh garlic juice with a quart of warm water and use as a douche. Alternate with an acidophilus douche made by mixing two capsules of acidophilus in a quart of warm water. 9Step NineBathe with vinegar to relieve symptoms. Fill the tub about hip deep with warm water and add 1/2 c. vinegar. Soak with legs apart until water cools. 10Step TenTake vitamin C. This will help build up your immune system.
11Step Eleven Use garlic capsules to fight the infection, or try colloidal silver. It has antibiotic properties that reduce inflammation and promote healing. 12Step Twelve Take biotin. It helps inhibit the growth of yeast.
First of all, you must see your Dr. to determine this is bacteria.the Dr. will write a RX to clear it up for you.
Isn't that a yeast infection, if so you buy over the counter medication for if internal or external (pills or a cream).
cure WHAT?!!!

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