Sunday, October 25, 2009

How can a doctor help me???***please READ and only SERIOUS answers!***?

i went to an audiologist, she said my hearing is moderately poor. and My ears are clogged from my sinuses. i am a teen. my parents are taking me to a ear nose and Throat specialist. I'm just wondering what they might say or do...
i usually get 3 or 4 sinus infections a year. ***WHAT MIGHT THE DOCTOR DO TO HELP ME?***
what kind of surgeries might happen? what are different options?thanks!
I've been going to an ENT ever since I was born and I have a moderate hearing loss-I wear hearing aids.You'll sit in his office for a few minutes, then he'll come in.
He'll make you sit in the big chair, and look in your ears, mouth, nose.
Then he'll comment. He might say that you need:
Tonsils/adenoids removed-surgury
Tubes are small things they put in your ears after they knock you out with anesthesia (surgury) he will not do it right away-wait a few weeks.
Tonsils adenoids taken out is pretty common, surgury, of course, and a few weeks, not right away.
He may just do nothing.
Chances are, they'll send you to the audiologist again, test your hearing, and contemplate what you'll benefit most from. It's not bad, I've been going since I was born.
My husband had surgery that opened up his sinuses. It was an outpatient thing and he had it two years ago and has only had one sinus infection since. It made a huge difference.
The ENT physician may consider removing your tonsils and adenoids to allow better drainage of your middle ear
Whatever you do, please, DO NOT HAVE SURGERY to clear up a sinus infection!! And DO NOT HAVE YOUR TONSILS REMOVED. I cant believe some of these answers. Your tonsils were given to you by God for a reason. I swear it seems doctors want to perform surgery for anything they can to make money now days. Go to enter the search words "sinus infection" and you will find a better answer to your question than surgery.

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