Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can i cover or get rid of the red under my nose after a cold.?

i just got rid of a cold but i have irratated red skin under my nose.
how do i get rid of it?
vasoline or chap stick
try some Carmax or some lotion for very dry skin %26%26 stop rubbing it.
Put desitin on it.
Aloe Vera at night to help heal. Moisturizer during the day, avoid makeup if it's rough. Concealer, under foundation as it starts to heal (but you probably won't need it).Glad that your over the worst of it!
Don't rub it first of all. I know it's irritated and itchy but that will only make it worse. Dab a little vaseline on it at night to moisturize. My secret for a red, dry nose... chapstick. Rub some on the irritated area and it should clear right up. It's got intensive and sensitive moisturizers that won't burn.
It;s just dryed out from all the blowing of your nose' so put some lotion on it everytime you think of it' for a week or so and it should go away' as itls just dry
Try using medicated blistex. its tube like thing! it really works after 1 day. my nose wasnt red anymore
The red is actually chapped. The mucus draws moisture out of your skin, as do the tissues.Treat with heavy-duty moisturizer that is fragrance free. A favorite is vasaline petroleum jelly. It will seal the skin against further moisture loss, help it heal underneath, and not irritate your already sensitive skin like hand-lotion might.
Just wait. I put some make up on it sometimes if I don't want people to notice.
Each time after you blow your nose, dab some kind of lotion around it. Not after your cold is done, but while you have it and you wont have such a red nose if you keep it moisturized. Its annoying to have to keep moisturizing but its worth it. I use Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Lotion and my nose is only a little pink after I have a cold.. Good luck.

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