Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can I get my dad to quit smoking?

My dad has been smoking since he was a teen, and he always says that he want to quit. He always tells me that he is going to quit, but then the next day, he buys a carton of cigerattes from costco. And each time I tell him to stop he gets angry and stuff. so yeah help?
Quitting is hard...I too have been smoking since I was 12...I have tried to quit several times...I actually quit for 3 months once..but without the right program and alot of stress in's virtually impossible.
You may suggest to him to try those nicotine patches for a couple weeks...but the key to those is keeping busy..if he gets idle then the chances are he'll light up.
To keep him busy and to get you 2 to spend quality time..sign up for a fitness program with a trainer...not only will he keep busy but he will get healthier...
Look at me...trying to give advise.
Take some of his cigs and you start or just walk out every time he lights up (healthier). When he yells at you to ask where you are going, tell him that a true father wouldn't harm his kids and to have him call you when he want's you to return home.
If he wants to quit get him Allen Carr's book "The easy way to quit smoking". It is truly easy but he must want to do it. Do not nag him though.
I don't think you can. And it's NOT your decision to decide this. It's his.

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