Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can i avoid the shaving rash??

there is a great product called tend skin. i get it from the local beauty salon but you could try the link below...
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dont shave...
If you shave in the direction of hair growth it doesn't completely stop but will reduce rash! Also this stuff called binki zone stops rash and bumps
I shave and then get straight into the shower so the skin is wet for the next 10 minutes... helps a bunch.I also use the "advanced protection" shave gel...
get a mach
By using a cream like Palmer's Cocoa Butter on your face first or on the legs whatever,then applying a shave gel /soap that's also for sensitive skin.Keep your razor clean and dry,no sharing. Remember you guy's have a complexion under the beard,no different that us girls,and you can have worse problems because you shave more frequently. Take care. SW RNP
aloe vera cream is so good for it it really helps!!!
Make sure your blades are sharp, use a good gel or cream, be gentle and rinse the razor often, even between every one or two strokes if necessary. Go slowly. Another thing to try is to us olive oil for your shave base. This is very smooth and soothing to the skin.

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