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How can one prevent kidney problems?

Well i have an Uncle that just died of Kidney problem , starting with the malfunction of kidney. how can it be prevented ? or possible remedy.
Kidney failure can just be the endgame in progressing illness. In this case, it is the point when medical staff acknowledge that they might be losing the patient. If the disease origin was with the kidney, this can be for a variety of reasons. Was it cancer, hydronephrosis, trauma, stones, nephritis,...? the list does go on. Some things you can do to help - don't smoke - anecdotally, I have found that ex smokers, smokers and those exposed to 2nd hand smoke have a greater risk of developing cancer of the kidneys and bladder (Its where the 4,000 or so chemicals in cigarettes sit before they are excreted), never allow yourself to dehydrate you need a minimum of 1.5 litres of water a day, depending on your level of activity, the temperature. Most of us need more. Drink less tea and coffee as these are diuretics - make you pee more. Alcohol - again moderate your intake, this has a very adverse affect on your kidney function. Always take advantage of a loo break and never 'hold on'. At the extreme end of this urine will backtrack up the ureters causing hydronephrosis.
Remedies for these problems are very individual and specific. You would need to say what the problem was for the solution.
As with all things - a healthy lifestyle is your best insurance. Any blood in the urine should always be investigated immediately. As should pain, particularly in the loin area (around the back under the rib cage). Unless there was a genetic problem, it is unlikely you will suffer the same fate as your uncle, but I understand its always a concern for families during the greiving process to question the liklihood of history repeating itself.
I'm sorry you have suffered this loss and wish you all the best in the future.
drink water and less soft drinks!
Try living an overall healthy lifestyle. Limit sodium, and processed foods. Keep hydrated, maintain a healthy body weight and eat lots of fruits and vegetables.
I had an uncle that died a few years ago of the same thing. He did not drink enough water, nor did he go to the doctor. You need to drink plenty of water every day to keep your kidneys clean.
best thing to prevent kidney issues I would suggest drinking lots of water(well your recommended intake). Drink cranberry juice-pref. the original one, and watch your salt intake-don't drink too much alcohol, it will cause damage in time to your kidneys and liver.also watch your calcium sometimes stones and stuff are formed from mineral build up and calcium is one of them.Hope that helps prevent some pains for later days.
monitor your health,eat foods that are good for you ,drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and see your doctor twice a year. now the hard one ready, cut the trans fats.
Lots of cranberry juice and water to keep them functioning in tip top shape. Otherwise, it's all genetics - sorry.
That depends.
There are a lot of things that can affect your kidney and result in your death- after all you need them or a machine to do their job (dialysis)
Clearly there isn't enough room (or time) to get into all the details, but I'll divide the problems up into a few broad categories that I'll just make up for the sake of classifying: vascular- the most common in the US, intrinsic renal and urologic/ infection.
Vascular- this is really "heart disease" that affects your kidneys. As we age, we deposit cholesterol and other stuff into our arteries. Eventually they clog. If they clog a heart vessel, it's a heart attack, if its a brain vessel, it's a stroke, if it's a kidney vessel, you lose some kidney function, and when you don't have any left, you used to die. You will natually lose kidney function by this route as you age as well.
With the advent of dialysis, people can get a few extra years, on average 3-5- I believe, but it requires dialysis 3 times a week or so, lasting for half a day, with the other half of the day leaving you feeling weak and tired.
The best way to protect yourself is to protect yourself from heart disease: don't smoke, eat well, keep your cholesterol and blood pressure under control, if you have diabetes, keep your sugar under tight control. one thing I would add to this is to keep hydrated, as the above responders have mentioned. That will keep a good blood supply to your kidneys, and that will help to keep them happy.
As for the other two "groups", well, they're a bit complicated to describe, so I'll pass on that for now. You should see a doctor to have those "cardiovascular risk factors" I alluded to above followed, and they can tell you more about other causes of kidney problems...
The function of our kidneys is to excrete the end-products of body metabolism in the form of urine. Some of the causes of kidney problems is due to the food that we eat or due to too much intake of alcohol. Anything that is too much for our body to take is bad for our health. But some says that it is hereditary, so if you have a relative who died due to kidney problem, you must also be aware of what you take and visit a doctor if you have any symptoms of this condition.
Drink 3 litres of water a day - get a water bottle - measure how much it takes then work out how many you need a day . Go slow on the salt but the water is soo important . Try to drink filtered water if you can . Stay way clear of canabis and also go easy on over the counter drugs . Kidney disease is really terrible hey?
I used to suffer from kidney stones and started to drink plenty of water and taking alfalfa and Calcium/Magnesium
Alfalfa: supports healthy kidneys and bladder (makes urine less acidic) cleanses body of toxins and aids in their removal from the body.
Cal/Mag: Cleanses kidneys,intestines,and liver.
since I have been taking these products I have not had any kidney stone attacks for two years.Thank god for that as they are very painful.
Not drinking enough fluids can cause kidney problems such as kidney stones for example. You need to drink plenty of water to flush out toxins in them and the blood. By doing this you are keeping them clear and bateria doesn't thrive as well. Eating plenty of fruit keeps them healthy also. Reduce your salt intake to prevent fluid retention.

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