Sunday, October 25, 2009

How can i use a home remedy and have my zit gone in 4 hours?

First, wash and dry your face. Then take rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip and apply several dabs of rubbing alcohol to each zit. This should help dry the zits out. Do this every hour, I'd say. WARNING: If the zits are too close to your eyes, please do not use this remedy.
Good luck on that one!
toothpaste or alcohol
Well it won't be gone in 4 hrs, sorry that's impossible. You can put vinegar on it after poping it but this will cause a dry spot but will get rid of the bacteria and oil in the zit.
My niece's dermatologist told her to wash her face when she was a teen with Head and Shoulders shampoo.I have tried it...surprisingly it worked!
good luck.
Don't laugh but my dermy once said that Preparation H--yes the hemorrhoid stuff--in cream not ointment can temporarily reduce redness and swelling.Also there is the ice cube pressed down hard for several minutes, but that will cause some redness. Some people swear by white chalky toothpaste, but that's not doing anything in 4 hours. I would try the prep h, embarrassment aside. I would then very lightly try to camouflage, don't cake on the makeup it only makes it worse. Brush your teeth, play up your eyes, think about how beautiful you are inside and out and smile your butt off. By working on feeling attractive and confident your personality will be your best cover up. Good luck hon', I know this is not a fun situation!PS...I've also heard Visine can help!
Never use toothpaste! I have tried it, it makes your skin peel and makes it red. If I were you go out and getting some rubbing alchohol. Wash your face first. Then apply some rubbing alchohol on a cotton ball and apply it on the pimple. I'm not sure it will make it be gone in 4 hours but it will help it get smaller. Also after you do this the pimple may be red so use some cover up after. Good Luck!

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