Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can I get immediate relief from..?

hayfever. My eyes are itchy red and swollen,my nose is runny andsore and I would gladly rip out, with my bare hands, that bit at the back of my nose/throat cos its itching like mad and I cant get anything to it to scratch it. HELP
Try Zirtec.
allergy meds, and try Visine A it is specially formulated with an antihistamine in it for your eyes.
Have you tried death? I hear that sovles most problems. in fact I hear it solves all problems..
Mind you I have hayfever and its a nuisance to all AS people.
Wash your face and hands often .Keep your hands away from your face.Try Clairaton over the counter for relief of the symptoms.If that doesn't work you may need to see a doctor for something stronger.Most important is washing your hands and face often and not touching your eyes or nose.
I don't like the way antihistamine pills make me feel. (very sleepy!) So, I use Afrin nasal spray for the nasal irritation and anti-allergy eye drops for my eye irritation. This works very well and I don't hve to go around feeling tired all the time!
It is also soothing to sit in a hot tub and breathe in the steam. It gets the pollen out of your hair and clothes (assuming you remove your clothes LOL) and soothes the nasal passages and throat.
Hope you get some relief soon!
Speak to your doctor, get a prescription for a drug called 'neoclaryritin' (I hope I've spelt it right!). The medicine is non drowsy so you shouldn't feel any adverse effects. I've been taking it for a while now and I feel absolutley fine! Before I had the medicine I couldn't get to sleep because of my nose being blocked but now it is completely unblocked and my hayfever symtoms only suface about a couple of days later if I forget to take the drug! Good luck!
P.S You could also get a very good nasal spray called "Beconase". It works well to reduce hayfever symtoms!
Zyrtec is the best antihistamine to take because it doesn't make you feel drowsy, though check with the pharmacist if you under any other medication.
To relieve the itching eyes get 2 damp cotton wool pads and pour on a little distilled Witch Hazel. Let these these eye pad for a few minutes
It will help cool and soothe the eyes.
Where dark glasses when the weather is like this, for some reason it is usually worse when it has rained recently. They protect the eyes from the pollen and dust in the air.
Apparently by eating locally produced honey you can develop a stronger resistance to the allergic reaction, but this method is not an instant relief.
Yes Neoclarityn used with a nasal spray usually works. Ive had it so bad that at one point they gave me the pollen injection, it worked a treat but they wont give it now for risk of osteoarthirits. Like I care, id have it again to get rid of the sneezing and runny nose. Good luck.
Hun i have the same problem the itching in the foof of the mouth and the throat but still no one has the answer. P.s if they do please let me know it driving me insaine i do have small ice cubes and suck on them give's little relive for short time
For quick relief very quick try an olbas inhaler however to much well cause an increase of itcyness at the back of ur mouth

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