Sunday, October 25, 2009

How bad is it to hold in poop?

i know weird question but how long can you actually hold it in without something going wrong? Like when i am at work i cant go to the bathroom a lot so i hold it in about 1 hr and then i go.
An hour or two is not going to hurt you. It sounds like you are better off than many people who can't have a bowel movement for days, and they have to have enemas or take laxatives.
more than a day i would think.
It' not really good for your body. Your poop is the waste from the food you eat, and other toxins in your body. If you hold it, those toxins will go back into your system, causing some problems. It's good to just get it out, thats why you poop; to get out the crap in your body!!
I have always heard that you should go when you get the urge to "GO". But, waiting an hour should not cause any real problems, but could cause some constipation problems. So don't wait, unless you really can't.

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