Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can I ?

I have been told by my Dr that I have a mild form of Gout . How can I get rid of it as my Dr wasn't very helpful, she told me to have it tested once a year ? what should i do ?
Gout is a condition that causes pain, inflammation and swelling in one or more of the joints. It occurs in 'attacks', which means that it affects you for a period of time, but will subside eventually, even without treatment. However, if left untreated, the attacks can sometimes become more frequent and last longer.
It affects about one in 200 adults, most commonly men between 40 and 60 years old. Gout affects women less often, but when it does it is usually after the onset of the menopause. In rare cases young people and children can be affected.
Although gout is a common condition, there are effective ways of treating the pain, reducing the inflammation, and preventing more attacks.It is often possible to prevent the return of attacks of gout. Reducing your alcohol intake and improving your diet to reduce the amount of purines that you take in (and therefore the level of uric acid in your blood), not only helps treat the symptoms of gout, but helps to prevent further attacks as well.
If you are overweight, try to lose some weight. Again this will help to lower the level of uric acid in your blood. Your GP will be able to advise you about losing weight safely, and cutting down on alcohol.
quit drinking
Why are you asking me? I'm not a medical professional
avoid dairy products as much as possible.
I don't think there is a cure, my father in-law has it. Its like a build of of fluid in certain areas of the body, (he has it in his foot). He has good and bad days. But he has it quiet bad. I know some diets help, like cutting out alcohol and acidy foods. But he does have to take pain killers.
Goat is a kind of arthritis - it can be hereditary and is not always down to being overweight/an excessive drinker (as people assume) You can minimize attacks of gout by diet and looking after yourself.Try to cut down on red meat and oily fish. You should also avoid excessive alcoholExercise that jolts the joints cant start it up - so avoid running on hard surfaces etc. Invest in some 'cherryactive' - its a concentrated cherry drink - You add a small amount to a glass of water everyday and drink it. It really helps to reduce attacks - I learned about it on the internet but I was encouraged to see leaflets advertising it in my doctors surgery..its expensive but dont be put off it really helps - ps it doesn't taste that great either.If you start getting regular attacks the doc can prescribe a daily pill.dont worry - it can be treated really sucessfully - but the best treatment is what you can do yourself. Your doctor doesn't sound very helpful - see someone else if you need to go back.Good luck - hope you feel better soon.

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