Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can drining alcohol (Beer) affect my asthma?

I had asthma most of my life, (I am 34) and a few of my friends that having beer is bad for my asthma. I seldom have a beer (only when I go out to eat at a supper club I will have a beer or two [two is my limit] before I eat my meal) What would happen to my asthma if I only have a like 2 beers. I don't think anyting would happen, but it is only like once every other month I will have a beer. But why are some of my freinds concerned?
Asthma is a disease whose hallmark is to be reversible and usually has triggers "substances that make it active", most asthmatics learn to recognize their triggers, it seems that beer is not one of yours as you have been able to have it in the past with no problems.
I will caution you on making sure that you are not overlooking your symptoms when you drink, also I would go to get a spirometry to make sure your asthma is controlled and ask your doctor about the ACT (asthma control test) test (it takes 2 minutes to fill out)
lastly your friends are concerned because they care, as stated above alcohol may be atrigger for some people
You can't drink any beer so is dangerous for your health you have to take care with this. Let me tell you I am 30 years, I was sick with asthmatic bronchitis for 12 year, I went to many doctors and I also changed my place residency because of the weather, when I go out without sweater I get back sick, I couldn鈥檛 went out to any place and in every season I was sick in the hospital about one or two weeks. Since one day someone advices me to take Asteracea鈥檚 flour (ASTEXPECT) now I will be in the hospital because the season but thanks to this not. I thank to you because you help me a lot with this treatment. for this way i recommend you to take care of your health.
I have asthma. I can drink some kinds of alcohol, but not others. For example, red wine gives me problems because it contains sulfates, a known trigger for many asthmatics.I usually have no problem with beer or hard alcohol if I'm symptom free. However, if I have even the slightest sign of asthma, I avoid alcohol just to be on the safe side. (Some studies contradict this, saying that alcohol can actually help some asthmatics... I haven't tried to test this.)But the reaction varies from person to person. I have a friend with moderately severe asthma, and he doesn't have any problems with getting extremely drunk during parties (other than making a fool out of himself, of course -- haha). I have a professor who says she can't even sip a taste of alcohol or her lungs close right up.Most people with asthma shouldn't worry about being limited in the things they enjoy... so long as they have their doctors' approval. Your friends are being cautious; unless you have an unusually low tolerance for alcohol, two beers isn't typically a problem for most people with asthma.If you're interested in reading more on the subject, check out this article that I've linked below. Good luck to you!
alchohol slows your breathing..and you know what happens when you don't or cant take a deep if you are on regular ashma meds, mixing with any alchohol is dangerous..ok that said, i have an asthma condition also and on special occasions i have a couple glasses of wine..have had no side affects yet..i truthfully don't think 2 beers once a month will hurt you..but then i am not a doctor

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