Sunday, October 25, 2009

How bad is it to huff gas?

brain damage or death, is that bad enough for you?
Oh not bad at fact, it's good for you. Go right ahead and huff away...
its actually very healthy...i recommend you continue sniffing gas on a regular basis. that fuzzy in-and-out of conscienceness feeling is just your body absorbing all the fuel's abundance of nutrients and suchhurry go do it now!
Have you ever seen a film burn up in a projector? It turns brown, smoke appears, and then small black holes grow larger and larger until the film curls up and it is ruined...That is what gas, spray paint, etc does to your brain. And just like the film, memories, plans, hopes, and dreams you had are lost forever.
Do you mean gas or gas? My bf likes to fart and hold the sheets up over my head ... makes me throw-up and I can't concentrate at work ... I think that's bad.
Destroys alveoli in the lungs. Setting yourself up for esophageal cancer. Other than that,,no harm done! :-(=
lol..lets just say some ppl try it and the high turns out okay but whats the point when it only last's for less than a couple min...but ppl really dont relize that you lose hecka brain cells.. and if it's really bad you can totally tell if your writing something; like how you forget the simpelist words or how to spell them..or you thing or reaact slower.. idk its not a GOOD thing to get into!
Huffing gas kills. I hope you are joking. It causes brain damage. Pot doesn't do as much damage as huffing gas. (Not that I am advocating that) Please rethink this decision.
Do you really need to ask that question. Maybe its too late for you, if you don't know that answer!
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