Saturday, October 31, 2009

How can i avoid dry scaly skin on my feet?

Sometimes the skin becomes too hard and it breaks and starts to bleed.
Are you around the beach alot? They have all these foot polishers and exfoliants for the feet, but what alot of people dont know is that sand does the same thing. If you are around a beach I would suggest taking a walk on the sand and in very shallow water. If not then just soak your feet for a good 10 minutes before using one of those exfoliating scrubs or a pumice stone. You can get those scrubs pretty cheap at the store.
Do you moisturize your feet daily? You may need to use a mosturizer on your feet to keep them from getting so hard.
wear lotion
Use good moisturizers.
It may sound slimey, but vaseline or vaseline-based moisturizers will work the best. Just put socks on after-ward and do it just before bed so they get to soak all night %26 be moisturized for our up-coming sandle weather. Mary Kay has a very nice moisturizer for this: Extra Emollient Night Cream $11 for a tube of it %26 worth every penny. It works great on any spots of dry to 'very dry' skin you have.
If you know someone who is a consultant, ask them for some. If you don't know anyone, you can locate a local consultant at %26lt;;.
It's best to use lotion before your feet are dry and scaly. Also wear socks.
exfoliate skin with pumice stone. lotion

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