Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How can i get my mom to stop smoking??

Sorry, but you can't. Smoking is an addiction. Your mother has to want to stop. It's not something anyone can get someone else to do. If she's not ready to quit, nagging or throwing away her cigarettes will just make her angry and less likely to quit.
tell her your gonna smoke unless she stops
Hide the cigs
Tell her how second hand smoking affects you, and don't nag becuse that will just make her snap at you. Good luck :) and whenever you find cigarettes in the house throw them away :)
You can't. That's her decision.
take all her cigarettes and throw them away and get some classes for her. in ohio, we have a smoking helpline(free) to help those who want to quit
DONT NAG! My friend's mother was a smoker and from her meetings with counsulers and herself she said that nagging would make her want to continue to smoke because it would relieve the stress and annoyance. Have somebody else to ask your mom to quit smoking, somebody that isn't a family or close friend. They are more likely to listen to somebody they don't know. Help her in the process. Encourage her, go through the motions regardless if you are a smoker or not.Also tell her to drink water or do something else when she has the urge to smoke. Make sure its a healthy and good habit she replaces with smoking!Good luck and god bless!!
I am one of those moms and I smoke more the minute I am told to stop! Why I must be crazy! You betcha! I do know that when I am alone and not troubled with children and their worries I smoke by far less! You might take her more places where smoking is not likely to occur, keeping busy socially would be plus and for sure the movie theatre for 2 or 3 shows might help a smoker quit! Try dancing, etc.Also her doctor can order Welbutin or Zyban I think, ask her doctor he or she will know the right medicine to aid in quitting. In short everyday is new beginning and everyday she is quitting so be kind and say nothing except thank you mom for trying so hard, keep up the good work!
There is no way you will convince her to just stop smoking.. She does have to choose or want to stop for her health.. However, it is a difficult addiction to give up... The only suggestion I can make is that. You and your mother will make a new year's resolution or a pact that each of you will give up something that is not healthy. Say you will stop drinking sodas at home and she can't smoke at home.. Then wean yourselves off the bad habits all together. BUT make sure you replace that behavior with something else... Maybe have icecream or a special dessert or drink at the end of each night. Make it so you both are doing something together.
Work together!My partner and I made a NEW Year's resolution that I won't drink sodas at home and she won't drink alcohol during the week.. We compromised.
It may be true that no one can stop you from smoking, and that you have to make up your own mind, well let me tell you this, and this may help, if you tell it to your mother, I always told me children when they were growing up about things that bad for your health, and i would never want them do anything that would hurt their health. My three children came to me one day, they had been asking me to stop smoking, they showed me a xray of some lungs that was full with cancer,and how black the lung were. They told me this is how your lungs are going to look and if you get cancer, how do you think we will feel just waiting on you to die, mom we love you and you are all we have, yes!! we have aunts and uncles friends, but we also have that all in you, so if these people would die, and leaves us we would still have all of them within you, but if you die, our whole world will just crash, mom we love you, and you are doing just what you ask us not to do, you are killing yourself, this was enough to help convince me to stop, and to think of my children and to know that i was beening selfish and i do love my children, and want to spend longevity with them, It has been 6 year since i stop smoking and i feel better my skin is much pretty and clear, and i have only gaind 5 pound within 6 years tell your mother if she really value her life and love you, she will stop before it's to late. Hope this help.
Ask her if she wants to see her grandkids graduate from High School ?She has to have a reason to quit, no one can force the situ
You cant make her stop she has to want to stop but you can let her know of your concerns for her health and if she smokes in the house your health to.Every time she lights up ask her to take it out side please.Also if she does express a desire to quit tell her about the new quit smoking drug Chantix.I take it and I am having very good success with it.

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