Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How can i get sick fast?

well i really need to get sick beacuse i cant go to school beacuse its like i hate that school and there only a few days left and i really need to not go and my mom wont let me miss school un less im really sick
Go to Tijuana and drink the water!! nm
Tough it out.
Hahah oh boy.Take a laxative? It will make you need to go to the toilet (#2) for a good while.. and just say you must have some virus.
Drink six gallons of bleach. You'll never have to go to school again.
Suck it up for the last few days..but if your desperate..drink hot water and have your mom take your temperature..
hahaha wow umm get around sick ppl and breathe in their germs and sneezes ahahaha
look in the mirror
whats a few more days gonna do?!! just ditch! it has less consequences than making yourself ill and putting your health at risk!
the fastest and most guarranteed way to be sick is dehydration. That would be...don't drink enough water when its hot and you get sick, heat stroke and pass out. I do not recommend it. I was sick-sick, throwing up and became dehydrated last year and got an IV and medicine after a couple days. Not recommended. What you need to do is fake being sick because if you are really sick you'll be miserable. The other thing is eating bad food and getting food poisoning, but your kidneys could fail for either one of these. I do not recomend either. Just try to stick with it for a couple more days
Hey try this it works peel of the onion %26 put it in your armpit for 5 -10 minutes you will get fever if you want high fever put it for 30 minutes
You know, there are soooo many people in this world who are dying of being sick, thier only wish in to not be sick. You must have a truely sick mind if you actually want to get sick.
in the morning before school stick your finger down your throat and gag yourself till you throw up all over your bedroom
stand on your head for 10 minutes, smell 2 dog farts, and wash your hair in the toilet. Or, if your silly enough to beleive any of these suggestions, I suggest you spend more time in school.

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  1. Your funny! ^.^ You should have your own talk show.


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