Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How can I get rid of a cystic zit that's been on my chin forever?HELP?

It maybe a cyst and not a zit. If it is long standing surgical excision will remove it permanently. I would have a plastic surgeon do it if you really want it gone. It will result in a scar but a skilled surgeon can give you a minimal scar.Some cysts respond to injection with steroids, either a dermatologist or plastic surgeon could do this.
Put warm moist cloth on it. BUT do NOT squeeze it before it is ready...all that will do is make it worse.
Try what my dermatologist had me do when I was a teen...wash your face with tiny bit of Head and Shoulders shampoo on a wash cloth.
good luck
The best way is to see a dermatologist, who might do one or all of the following: give you a topical antibiotic to apply, inject a local antibiotic, inject a steroid like cortisone, give you light therapy, lance the cyst. Any of those things are the fastest way to healing it.
a razor will take it right off
I have the same problem that I'm trying to rid of. A few things that helped some were white vinegar mixed with water and applied. Boiled Eclipta and liquid applied - this worked the best I believe. Olay daily regenerating serum has been a help with to especial from scars from past problems.Diane

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