Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How can i get rid of the the black spots on my face?

i have acne on my face and i have already started treatment to reduced my acne but i want to know if i can get back my smooth and spotless face by your help, pls help me out!
Black spots - blackheads?Usually people think that black spots are some kind of dirt that can be washed away. But sadly blackheads are something else. Pores are partially open so sebum (oil) still gets drained to the surface. But what caused the dark color is oxygen reaction with skin pigment. So it's not dirt.Keep on with your treatment and it will go away in time, but don't expect it to happen fast.From my experiance ClearPores does a very good job with any forms of acne, specially blackheads, here is their website:
http://www.clearpores.com/clicks/clickth...Other than that, your skin needs time. Patience don't get stressed over it too much, stress also causes acne, so basically, the less you think about it, the better ;)Wish you all the best!
You need a long-term treatment.Acne need poly-therapy ; antibiotics because of infection, retinodies remedies, cosmetic treatment- peeling ( fluid nitrogen ), cleansing preparation, hygiene of face...
pick your blackheads out with a bobby pin it really works
the end of the bobby pin the circular shaped part. press in and usually a long white yellow string should pop out of your face and u have it!

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