Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How can I get rid of mild face acne and back acne??

I am 15 years old and I have mild face acne and horrible back acne. Plus, I have to go swimming tomorrow for everyone to see my back acne..great....I have tried alot of products and have not noticed too much results. I don't eat junk food or anything.My back acne is alittle more serious. It is mostly along my shoulders and I am embarresed to go swimming, which is going to be tomorrow!Please anything that i can try doing will be greatly. If you could give me a straight up answer, not any fake crap.Thanks
Try Loreal Acne Response,it's a three step process and it is about $25 in drug stores, it's worth a try.I have had very good results with it.For the body acne, make sure you shower and wash with dove sensitive skin bar every day on the affected area, then use pure tea tree oil ($6. in walmart in vitamin section) on it, better to do it at night since it is a strong smell. For daytime, you can use the acne medication from the loreal treatment on your back and shoulders too.Take your vitamins and drink PLENTY of water!! Ten cups of filtered or spring water daily, get plenty of sunshine and exercise and try to maintain a positive attitude.Good luck.
i have the exact same problem. i don't have anything 4 the back problem... but all the supposively awesome products never worked on me. so i just tried target generic brand cleanser, and it worked! so just try target brand... it worked 4 me!!
There are a couple of ways you can get rid of the acne on your face, First theres always Proactive it works wonders and if anyone would you could get somone to rub it on your back.
But the things that you could use for your face would be Apricot Scrub (Which is way Cheaper then Proactive) I would get the Blemish Fighting or the Medicated Scrub. But if you have sensitve skin Use JOHNSONS BABY SHAMPOO my doctor told me that it is mild and clears it up little by little.
If you want something that would work fast use something like Clearsil Ultra put it on before bed and they will shrink fast make sure that you are not wearing the same Bra over and over or even wearing it overnight cause the dirt and oil rubs on your back when you wear it over and over again and that causes pimple (my younger sister had this problem to) But like alot of people use there is Toothpaste and If you have a Huge Pimple Use Visine for red eyes it gets the red out of the pimple just like eyes
Hope i helped
If you go to your doctor or dermatologist and ask about Duac. It's an awesome product and I'll stand by it. You're supposed to use it for spot treatment, but I prefer to use it as a face cream so that it will prevent breakouts. Although this product is AWESOME, one of the warnings is to stay out of the sun. I ignored that once and turned very red from sunburn, but I feel that a little sunburn is worth it for clear skin.About Koolaid's answer above mine: DO NOT USE TOOTHPASTE! it cloggs your poors even more. just because it stings, doesn't mean it works!

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