Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How can i get rid of dark circles?

i think they are heriditary..is there any way to permanently get rid of heriditary dark circles??
There are many causes of dark circles, from age, heredity, allergies, cold or sinus infection, bone structure and glasses which are not so commonly known.
If you would like to apply home remedies to reduce dark circles, here are some of my suggestions:
Buy a box of regular, old fashioned unflavored gelatin (e.g. Knox) from grocery store. Take a small cup or bowl and put in 1 teaspoon of the gelatin mix. Add one tablespoon of boiling water %26 stir for a minute. Test it on your wrist to make sure it is not too hot. Then, using a cotton ball, pat it under your eyes as you would an eye cream or gel. Go lie down and listen to some music, or take a bath %26 let it stay on for at least 30 minutes. Then just rinse it off.Gelatin is very high in Vitamin K %26 Biotin. It will not remove your dark circles on the first application (but you will notice a difference), but if you do it daily for a week, and then 2-3 times a week for maintenance, you should notice a drastic reduction in dark circles.
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I don't think you can get rid of this condition. Many people with allergies have this problem. The skin under your eyes is thin and the blood pool is showing through. You can consult a dermatologist to make sure. Try dermablend cosmetics to mask them.

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