Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How can i get rid of a cold sore FAST!!!?

i need home remidies[sp] and things that arent expensive or that i have to buy please help!
Try nail polish remover, it really works, I asked a similar question about that on here, and I just had to be sure to hold my breath while I dapped some on with a cotton ball, it burnt a little, but in two days it was gone.Good luck!
Ozonated Olive Oil works for me. The best price I've found is at www.ozonatedoliveoilandmore.co... A 1 oz jar is only $5.99 plus shipping. Some sites sell it for as much as $30.
try alum. Apply it directly to the cold sore. Doesn't taste the greatest but works wonders to ease the pain and help them disappear sooner.

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