Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How can i get rid of a tickleing cough i have had for a few days?

have had constant hacking cough which isnt a cold
This is the type that tickles and keeps you awake as you are trying to fall asleep?If it is the result of a cold that is long gone, it is probably bronchial spasms caused by damage left by the cold. Ask your nurse or doctor for the inhaler that will resolve it. Most likely, they will give you something like albuterol or Qvar. I had great success with Qvar...it cleared up the tickling cough in about a week.In the meantime, if you are having problems falling asleep due to this cough, try sleeping with a t-shirt draped across your neck at night. Somehow, this prevents your throat from going dry...and dryness seems to trigger these tickling coughs. It might even help speed up the healing.
drink honey. I don't know, thats what my grandpa always does. :)
I have the same thing and my eyes water when it happens. It's post-nasal drip. I also have a itching in my ear from time to time. The doctor told me it's from allergies. I take over the over the counter allergy medicine. I use the store brand - non drowsy formula. It works better than the prescription for me.Oh yes, I also keep a bottle of water with me where ever I go and lots of those hard starlight peppermints handy for when the throat gets dry. Someone told me that Cinnamon gum works for them.
Here are a few simple home remedies that will help to overcome cough. Have honey in a hot drink before bed time.To relieve fits of coughing due to dryness in the throat, suck a few pepper corns. Check out http://useinfo6.blogspot.com/ for more remedies and information.

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