Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How can i get my skin pale?

im light complected but i want to be pale WITHOUT make up, dont say to stay away from the sun because i've been staying away from the sun for 2 years and nothing...i dont trust sunblock so please dont say to use that.
you can use lemon juice to bleach your skin...I am fairly light-skinned too, and while I used to tan very nicely, I have stayed out of the sun for the past 3 years now and used sunblock when I did go out and it works fine. (I've never used the juice personally btw)
I have to stay pale because of my modeling, so I can tell you it does work. I've actually had clients tease me and call me "snow white" and "casper" before...

they have some kind of skin bleach stuff out there
wear 55 spf sunscreen, or higher if you haven't already tried. i wouldn't know how to, cause i'm naturally pale, sorry.

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