Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How can I get tested to see if I have chronic fatigue syndrome?

It is a diagnosis of exclusion when all known medical causes of fatigue are ruled out. Some clinicians doubt the existence of this syndrome.
Ask your doctor about it.
Chronic fatigue syndrome is defined as long-standing, severe, disabling fatigue without demonstrable muscle weakness. Underlying disorders that could explain the fatigue are absent. Depression, anxiety, and other psychologic diagnoses are typically absent. Treatment is rest and psychologic support, often including antidepressants.
Please see the web pages for more details on Chronic fatgue syndrome.
There is no real test for it. It is something your doctor will determine as to your symptoms and the tests that he takes compared to your symptoms. It has many symptoms
The best specialist for testing this illness is a Neuro Doc or a Radiologist, both know best how to test for the systems of this strange illness. But many may require a referral from your regular doctor, so ask around. Most insurance companies will not accept a special doctor unless it is from your regular doctor that thinks you need to see him or she. Just make sure your bases are covered money wise before seeing your specialist...you will need that full insurance coverage because there will be many test but worth every penny if you can get help.Good luck and better health,

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