Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How can I get rid of this Viral Infection?

I have been sick for 1 week and 1 day. It started with freezing and high fever then went to sore throat and fever. and then the fever quit and the sore throat quit... Now all i have is swollen sore gums and jaw. I can't eat solid foods. and I have lost so much wait because of it. I look horrible. How can i get better faster? A big camping trip is coming up this weekend and I need to go. Anything that will help me be able to chew and swallow my food? I have tried gargling salt water and peroxide and they both don't work. any help will save me?
Sounds like you have a sinus infection. That will cause your gums and jaw to swell up. You need to go to the doctor again to make sure it is still viral. An infection will require antibiotics. Also, you want to make sure you don't have any immune system deficiency that is causing you to not get better sooner. Other than that, here are a couple suggestions:a) Are you taking a decongestant and antihistamine? If you are able, you might try that. It will halt the production of all that ****, and help it to remain thin so you can blow your nose or cough it up.b) Take extra vitamin C if you are not doing so. You can get these in the form of a cough drop that you just suck so you won't need to chew it. Also, zinc and echinacea are helpful to healing faster. You can take airborne which provides those ingredients in a liquid form as well.c) Getting nutrition is critical to healing. Get vegetable soups with broths that you can drink. Drink an ensure if necessary. And drink tons of clear fluid (water, ginger ale, etc.) to ensure hydration.d) Be sure to get plenty of rest. Sitting here on your computer is okay for an hour here and there, but try to actually sleep when you are able. Your body does most of its healing while you are asleep.Good luck, and I hope you are feeling better in time for your camping trip.
if you have a virus, you will be sick until your body gets over it. period. there is no drug or tonic that you can take that will speed up the process. you are going to have to just hang up on the camping weekend - if you do go, and are still having ANY symptoms, you will be contagious and will make all of your fellow campers sick with the exact virus you have had. you don't "need" to go on any camping trip - what you "need" is to rest and recuperate, and not get everyone else sick with your virus. unless, of course, you are just selfish enough to only care about your own wants, and not the good health of your friends... which i don't really think you are...
It sounds like an infection. Go see a doctor. You probabbly need a prescription for penecilian or an amoxacillian. Its important to get it checked in case you've got something worse going on, you'd hate to ignore something like cancer.Get treatment, and good luck. Hope you feel better!

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