Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How can I get rid on sinus drainage without medication?

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Nasal irrigation is what the poster was trying to remember. Its flushing your sinuses with saline solution. The device is called a Netti Pot. Google nasal irrigation or Netti Pot. Its really helpful for people with sinus problems.
use a homemade remedy=put hot water in a bowl and a towel and your head over top of it to get the steam=this should drain out the phlegm
There is a special thing you can buy to clear your sinus passages. I saw it on Oprah a few weeks ago (don't laugh). I don't remember the name of it, but it looks like a little teapot and works awesome to flush everything out.
I take a cup and put warm water and 1-2 tsp of salt til it disolves. Then you can take either a big one of those snot sucker syringe bulb thingys for babies and force the water up your sinuses or you can just put it in your hand plug one side and sniff really hard. Do it a few times and a while later it will drain and feel so much better!! The salt helps draw out infection and also to dry it up. Seems like it would hurt but it doesn't
There is a saline spray you can buy over the counter. You can also use Oscillococcinum, buy it at any drug store or health food store, it is for the flu but is good for any cold type symtoms including allergy. I take 3 dots instead of the whole vial since this is how my homeopathic doctor told me to take it. I also take drops under the tongue for allergies. These you can get a some health food stores and online. I get mine from my homeopathic doctor.Diane
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It's called a netti pot and you can buy them at health food strores. it's like a mini flower pot. all you do is mix a bit of salt since our body like natural healers (good for cuts as well, better than creams you buy in drug store..those kill off the good cells you need in your body to heal. so mix the salt into warm water. When you have it in the netti pot, you tip your head to the side, pour in one side of your nose and it will come out the other, then repeat on the other side! This works for any kind of headache above your eyes and pressure under your eyes..using the netti pot it relieves pressure since you are flushing the bad stuff out!! Good Luck!!

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